Raimundo López Villanueva




Personal details:
Born in Zaragoza, Spain, December, 14, 1.967
Tlf : +34654 831 751 E-mail: arte@raimundolopezvillanueva.com

Experience: 1994-2006
• Star his career as ilustrator in advertising agencies but later discover the "custom art" and continues in this field,because its possibilitys and artistic expresions.
•  Moreover, as a classic painter, is selected in different contests:
•  2001 Army Painting Award
•  2005, 2006, Ibercaja Foundation Painting Award
• Also his animal portrats an his knowledge about animal anatomy are wellkown, working for the American Staffordshire Terrier Club in Spain, the spanish council for animal protection, animal magazines, etc.
• He has exhibitied his artworks in colectived and individual exhibition. His art works are in different countrys, like E.E.U.U, Finland, Italy. Actually, is still painting.

1992 Madrid. Center for Desing and Comunication. To be Ilustration and Airbrushing graduate.



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